Eastham Parish

Eastham is a parish situated five miles east of Tenbury Wells in the breathtakingly beautiful Teme Valley, it dates back into antiquity being mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086. Its northern boundary follows the river from Bonfire Hill, opposite Newnham Court Farm, to west of Orleton. Here it dips south before swinging west above Hanley and finally crossing up towards Rochford to rejoin the river.

It is a sprawling parish, spread over about 2150 acres approached by narrow lanes and bordered by rolling landscape and woodland. It has a population of around 300 which has remained pretty much constant since the early 1900s.

Some years ago the village gained the unfortunate reputation as Britains worst served community due to the lack of school, shop, post office, pub or frequent bus service. Ironically, it is the very absence of these services that gives the village a certain charm and tranquility. What links the people who live here is not so much a sense of traditional village values but recognition of how fortunate we are to live somewhere so unspoilt and beautiful.

Eastham Memorial Hall

Eastham Memorial Hall provides the supply of events, activities and services aimed at reducing social isolation and lonliness. Ours is a close community and the trustees know the residents. We are aware of mobility issues, health concerns, changes in circumstances and any other crisis.The Trustees and other members of the community are always available to supportindividuals and neighbours. The Memorial Hall trustees are made up of representatives from varrying user groups within the community and the hall offers a central hub and meeting point. The hall trustees and its volunteers have been at the forefront of co-ordinating and responding to the current Covid 19 Pandemic.

We are a rural community with all the pleasures and delights it can bring but also the hardships of an isolated rural community. Our aim, without destroying our surroundings is to attempt to tackle the problems and lack of basic services. The Hall committee has long since been at the forefront of promoting healthier lifestyles and were activists in pressuring telecommunications companies to provide high speed broadband, this was achieved in 2020 with fibre to the property. We have a well-publicised Equal opportunities Policy and all are welcome and accepted. We provide events and activities suited to each generationand cross generational events are held on a regular basis.


If you require the defibrillator for anyone having a cardiac arrest there is a defibrillator located on the wall of the Hall on the right hand side of the main entrance.

The machine will guide you step by step on what to do and which may include 'commence CPR' - 

There are Web pages that give guidance on how to do this for example;


Find out how to safely use cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for adults, children over one year of age and babies under one year of age.